Over the last 18 months we have become heavily involved in the pre-fabrication construction style of engineering.  Our main focus on this area of the industry is the creation of replacement plant rooms on buildings, apartment blocks and student accommodation pods as well as hotels.

Our role on these projects on the site is to design and oversee the construction of the main infrastructure spaces covering basements, ground floors, internal and external amenity spaces as well as the main circulation corridors and riser spaces to route the services around the building.  The demarcation lines in the building are at the entrance to the living pods where there is typically an MEP cupboard where the power, water, drainage, data, heating and security systems terminate into.

Away from site we are involved in the design and specification of the factory constructed pods.  We undertake full 3D modelling of these units as an isolated POD and then also in terms of how they link together to form a large high-rise residential tower and coordinate the services within the apartments to the main building infrastructure.  As such we form the link between the factory POD production undertaken by one contractor and the MEP sub-contractor delivering the main infrastructure to ensure the two systems operate cohesively together.