This project involved working with an LED market leading manufacturer to design a bespoke fitting to work with an existing ceiling system and match an existing lighting grid and provide 40% better light whilst delivering 60% energy savings as well as retain the return air path for the air extract system throughout large office floor plates.

This was achieved through intelligent design and modelling using market leading software and integration with the existing ceiling tiles and the trialling of a number of prototype devices prior to final selection and roll out on a trial floor. A new lighting control system was implemented in parallel utilising movement sensing control throughout the floor and grouped stage day light dimming on all perimeter fittings where daylight harvesting is beneficial.

The project was delivered on time, on budget, in exact compliance of the original specification and to the approval of the client for roll out to the remainder of the floors with a light construction support role applied for the further floors due to the repetitive nature of the works.

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