After working on a number of large critical facilities estates across the globe and the introduction of ultra-low sulphur diesel we started to notice the resulting diesel quality results showing a decline and water levels increasing in fuel content where it is stored for long periods.  This was also coupled with engine contaminants and sludge forming in old and decaying tanks. As such we investigated a number of market leading fuel polishing companies to provide a clear choice paper on options available and distribute to our clients independently.

Following the issue of this clear choice paper a number of trials have been taken up by differing clients at sites across the UK and the Middle East where large potentially stagnating fuel stores exist and fuel quality issues in the past which have caused the fuel to be required to be wasted and refilled with a tank clean. The object of the fuel polishing is that it cycles the fuel every week through the filtration system and removes the impurities and prevents the water content in the fuel from being an unacceptable level.

We now undertake on average 10 fuel polishing systems on sites across the MENA region on an annual basis.  As a follow-on exercise we also monitor the fuel quality with the service provider and clients of the site to provide ongoing assurance of their investment in the system.

If you hold large quantities of fuel at one or numerous sites and have encountered fuel quality issues please contact us to find out your options, alternately if you do not sample your fuel and are unsure of the existing quality please contact us to arrange fuel testing as pumping poor quality fuel through your generator will cause damage to the generator as well as degrade and corrode the fuel tank.